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Parakeets are being categorized as birds with a hooked bill and a long tail.

Bourke Parakeet

The Bourke Parakeet, or Bourke Parrot, Neopsephotus boukii, make wonderful pets!   There are several color variations available, the most popular being the Rosy Bourke.  They’re peaceful with other species and can be kept in a mixed aviary.  Generally a quiet bird, they’re most active at dusk and dawn.


The cockatiel, Nymphicus hollandicus, is one of the most beloved family birds.  There are multiple colors available, including with and without the ear patches.  The males in particular are generally good whistlers and melodic singers.

Green-cheeked Conure

A bold, but pretty, little bird.

Parakeet (Budgie)

The traditional parakeet.

Splendid Parakeet (Scarlet-Chested Parakeet)

The Splendid Parakeet is just that! These grass parakeets are known for their beauty and quietness. My pair get along well in an aviary with other grass parakeets, such as a Bourkes.