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The Bird Room Blog

Here is my blog about the happenings in my bird room and with my other larger parrots.

Peanut passed away

I’m sad to report that our African Grey Peanut passed away today while we were at work.  I had spoken of him in prior posts.  He was a rescue.  His former owners had kept him in a closet and he had developed deposits on his eyes that pretty much made him blind.  (You can see the white on his eye lens on photos of him.)   In the past couple of years, he had developed a heart condition and seemed to have mini strokes.   I’m not sure how old he was, but he had lived with us over 8 years.  Honestly, I kind of wondered if he was old and wild caught, when wild caught birds were still allowed to be imported.  I based that upon his band, which was one that was pinched on and not a closed band, and also because he was pinioned.  We will really miss the grumpy old guy.

Baby cockatiels

I didn’t really want baby cockatiels, but the hen kept laying eggs on the floor of the cage.  Eventually I gave in and gave her a nest box.  What little beauties resulted!  Three young and each one looks different from the others.

Cape Doves

Here are a few photos of my Cape Doves.  The male I acquired a couple of months ago.  The hen I’ve had two years.  These are quiet, pretty birds.  They’re a little bigger than diamond doves but much smaller than ringneck doves.  In my opinion, they seem a bit “flighty”.  They’re relatively tame but easy to scare too.  They’re still getting acquainted, but hopefully they’ll breed at some point for me.

RIP, Charlie!

Sadly, my Charlie passed away last night. He was my male scarlet-chested parakeet (aka Splendid parakeet). I will miss his calls and his beautiful colors mixed in with the flight of Bourkes.  Thanks for many happy hours spent watching your antics, Charlie.  You had quite a personality.

Little Bourke a few days later

Here’s the little bourke a few days older than the last photo. She’s going to be beautiful! I can’t wait to see her fully feathered.

New Bourke Parakeet is going to be pink!

I was excited to see this little Bourke is going to be pink! You can start to see it in the pin feathers on her head and even more so down her back. It’s my first rosy to hatch. Continue reading

Peanut visits the vet

I took Peanut, our rescue African Gray, to the vet tonight.   We’ve been noticing that he’s seems to be declining.  His vision has definately gotten worse.   At times, it seems that he’s totally blind and gets disoriented. Continue reading

Lance with broken wing

This is one of Michael’s cockatiels, Lance. We found her (yes, I know Lance is a boy’s name) in their cage with a broken wing. I’m not sure what happened…whether it was something that went on in the cage or when she was last put back. Continue reading

Another new bird for Michael

Pascal (African Grey parrot) is still my constant buddy when I’m home.  He says a number of phrases now.  One day I asked him “What’s Up?” and he replied “Not Much”.  It was so neat!  He calls himself “good boy” a lot and says “What’s up?”, “What you doing?” and other similar phrases.  Plus he has hello and the worst laugh that Dave could have taught him!  We unfortunately heard the a**hole word twice out of him in one day.  I have an idea where that came from, and it wasn’t me!  He has a number of other words too.  He’s fun to listen to and talk with. Continue reading

All is great!

Life with the birds has been going really great!  In a few weeks, we’ll have had Pascal for a whole year.  He’s really changed our household.   Everyone still pays him attention and we’re all enjoying being part of a “flock” again.  Pascal is very loving and wants to cuddle and have his head scratched at night.  He speaks a lot more phrases than when I last reported.  There’s just nothing like coming home after a long day and having him call to me “How you doing?” in his cute voice.  Let me tell you, I’m not often doing very well until I hear him and he makes me laugh.  He can definitely wipe away my bad days.  He gives us all so much joy and really has made our home a happier one. Continue reading